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Healing Therapies



Hypnotherapy/energy healing leads to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being, peace and enlightenment.

It allows us to:

  • Access memories, wisdom, trauma, vows and beliefs systems adopted unconsciously to protect yourself.
    An example is a child who witnesses parental violence and decides never to marry. That decision may rest in her unconscious mind, and when she grows up, she wonders why she can’t find the “right mate.” Childhood decisions may limit our choices as adults until we become aware of them and choose to change them.
  • Access emotional reactions of fear, anger, rage and sorrow experienced when hurt or frightened.
    These emotional charges reside in particular locations in our bodies and can later manifest as physical injuries or illness. If we become aware of them, we may release them and invite physical health and balance.
  • Trace the energy of trauma to its source and gain a broader understanding of our human history and capacity.
  • Know yourself, fully and without judgment.

Hypnotherapy/energy healing is a profound, gentle process of becoming aware of all that we are, healing our wounds and embracing our light.

Appointments can be made by telephone or in person. Please contact Susan B. Magee at 202.285.2200.


Previously recorded meditations from the Circle of Meditation and Healing at the Washington National Cathedral are available online. Listen now.