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“Susan Beilby Magee is a gifted teacher. I find her workshops to be both grounding and transformational, as she guides participants to greater insight and clarity. I’m grateful to be the recipient of her teaching. Thank you, Susan!” —  Joy Rains

“I love these meditations! They are always so profound, so powerful and have a remarkable revelation each and every time. Susan is an exceptionally gifted mystic and guide and all around wonderfully kind being. I am honored to be a part of this amazing experience.” — Kim D.

This was the most peace-filled time I’ve experienced in a long time and I was surprised at how out of body it felt.— Stephen L. 
Found a small place deep in my heart which held the imagery of the meditations. Didn’t know this place existed.—  Ann N. 

“What a gift to reconnect with myself and to ground myself!” — Nathalie A.

“In a time when knowing myself is a premium amid the world’s distracting excesses, this exercise provided a window of light to rediscover something within my body that my mind had forgotten.” — Neel M.

“I so appreciated the light, grounded and magical space that Susan created to allow for deep personal meditation, introspection and healing. What a beautiful and sacred experience!” — Julie Reisler

“A fabulous centering workshop. I loved the imagery, the music and the community. A healing, beautiful experience.” — Susan Lewis

“Susan’s soothing presence led me through my first meditative journey. She created a safe atmosphere, making it possible for me to set free my emotions.”— Laurie F.

“I entered the circle without expectations, allowed myself to flow through the experience, let go… and received the unexpected gifts of presence, awareness, peace, enlightenment and discovered strengths and answers within my ‘self.’” — Natalie Testa

“A very positive experience.”— Nancy B.

“Deeply loving, sacred, moving, beautiful. Excited for the next one.” – B.

“Sitting in a circle of meditation and healing with Susan Magee is always a positive and restorative experience.” — Ann M.

“I felt that I learned about a long held anger in my romantic relationships. My only concern was that I would forget what I learned, but Susan told us to ask our higher selves and I asked, ‘How do I hold on to this?’ The answer was, ‘This is letting go, not holding on. There is nothing you need to add.’ I didn’t know I had that in me.”— Rob H.

“It’s like a walk in the woods where you discover some thing you didn’t notice before.”— Allen M.

“I’ve done these wonderful meditations with Susan many times and each time it’s a powerful, profound experience, rich with visions, symbolism and divine messages. Each experience has helped me gain so much, the power is amazing.” — Kim Downes