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New Year Greetings and Blessings

As I sit at my desk this New Year’s Eve, I envision a world at peace. We have the power to manifest and pray for clean air, fertile ground, clean rivers and oceans and peace among women and men on this earth.

I am aware that:

  1. We imprint the earth—its land, air, water—with our energy with each step we take; breath we breathe; word we speak. What imprint do I choose to make? One of love and compassion or one of anger, hate and sorrow?
  2. We are all powerful co-creators with the Divine. Our thoughts create our reality. How may we be kind to those around us and respect the animals, birds and all of nature surrounding us?
  3. Life is a mirror—an invitation to explore our interior landscape to become conscious of what lies beneath the surface so we may wake up and heal ourselves. The universe delivers situations that trigger old beliefs, fears and wounds so we may transform them.
  4. At some level we are all responsible for what is happening in our family, community, nation and world. If I want a peaceful world, I need to become peaceful myself.
  5. We all carry the Divine light within us which we share with all of creation.
  6. Our prayers are powerful. We are magical beings. Join me today as I pray and envision:
    * a world at peace with us respecting each other, recognizing we are all One;
    * a world where we are grateful, wise custodians of Mother Earth, the space that surrounds her, and the universe that is her home.


 In 2020, I will continue the series “Toward Enlightenment”
for the Circles of Meditation and Healing at the Washington National Cathedral.
Dates are 5/11; 10/1; 11/2

Message from Africa

An African living in the United States said: “It’s so noisy. How do you hear God?”

After spending 14 days in the bush in Tanzania with my granddaughter, I understand what he meant. We felt the presence of the divine in the land, the sunrises and sunsets; we heard it in the songs of the birds; and we felt it in the natural rhythm and interaction of the animals.

Being there was like being on a different planet. It changed our lives. How?

This trip awakened my senses. I listened carefully for the calls of the leopard, hyena and lion. I awoke in my tent to a symphony of birds singing as night turned into day. I scanned the horizon to spot hyenas moving in the grass. I searched trees for lions resting in the branches. I checked tree tops to spot vultures or eagles perched above.

We had the privilege of watching 3 crossings of the wildebeest over the Mara River in the northern Serengeti. Each year about 1.5 million wildebeest migrate from the south to the north on the Serengeti plain. They have been doing this for thousands of years. Words cannot explain how it felt watching 2,000 wildebeests gather on one side of the river, talking to each other with their distinctive sounds. All of a sudden one jumped into the river; most of the others followed, swimming quickly to the other side.


We saw in action the cycle of life. A lion catches its prey–a giraffe. At a distance, the hyenas watch to see when the lion’s belly is full. As they take their turn eating the animal, the Maribou storks and vultures gather to finish eating the carcass. Nature is very efficient.

We felt a deep connection to Mother Earth and all the living creatures on her. Over the landscape we enjoyed seeing a variety of trees:  the signature acacia trees, the ancient baobab trees, sausage trees and euphorbio.

We will never forget the images we saw at the end of the day at the  Silale swamp in the  Tarangire National Park. Buffalo, hippos and elephants soaked in the water to cool themselves.

The first afternoon we quietly watched the cape buffalo emerge from the water.  We returned to the swamp the next afternoon and saw the elephants emerge.  Enjoy these videos.

I communicated telepathically with the animals, asking what messages they had for us humans. One lion responded: “Activate your senses. Wake up to the beauty that surrounds you. Be grateful for Mother Earth and all her creatures, large and small.”

The leopard said: “Spend time alone in nature. Sit as I do in a tree or someplace high where you can view the world around you. Know that you have everything you need within yourself.”I realized these animals have lived on this earth far longer than humans. Elephants, for example, have been here for 5 million years; humans for maybe 200,000. Who is wiser?

While we were there, I worked with the land, animals and birds, blessing all and activating light grids and DNA codes. Alex Walker, the owner of the Serian camp, said: “Nature reveals itself and gifts those who spend time with her.” We experienced peace, connection, belonging. We are not separate. We are one.

Indeed, we are the students who may learn from nature and the animals.  We can change our behavior before life is no longer sustainable on Mother Earth. In Tanzania I could sense the sheer numbers of people​ encroaching on the land.  It is incredibly sad that these beautiful animals who evolved over thousands of years are becoming extinct.  For example, our guide, James, told us that an elephant is killed every 15 minutes; the swift cheetahs are extinct in 22 countries, and only 17% of their range remains in this world.  We know black rhinos are scarce; giraffes are threatened.  And of course, there are far fewer lions roaming Africa than there were 100 years ago.

What can we do? I can stop using plastic bottles, bags and straws. I can donate to a non-profit to plant trees to offset the carbon imprint of each flight I take. I can return to Africa and the animals in my daily meditations. And I can share what I have learned. A lion asked me to write a book about my conversations with the animals. I said, “Yes, I will do that.”


THANKS TO JAMES KYDD, our insightful, knowledgeable safari guide.  A man of great spirit, James respectfully introduced us to the landscape, birds, animals and people in Tanzania.  We had a delightful time together on this “trip of a lifetime”.   I also thank him for the photos and videos; all are his except the first one, the baobab tree and the elephant video at Silale swamp.

THANKS TO MICHAEL LORENTZ, Founding Partner of Passage to Africa, who arranged our itinerary and introduced us to James Kydd.  Michael introduced John and me to Tanzania in 2010.


November 2019 Circle of Meditation and Healing: Toward Enlightenment

The full-moon Circles of Meditation and Healing, led by Susan Beilby Magee, take place at the Washington National Cathedral. This is a continuing series to connect with our wisdom within.  All spiritual seekers are welcome. No experience is necessary. This event is held in Bethlehem Chapel.
Tickets are $15 in advance or $20  at the door.

Tuesday, November 12, 7:00pm Release Fears / Embrace Courage 
How do we release fears and replace them with strength and courage? Mystic/healer SUSAN BEILBY MAGEE leads a full-moon meditation to explore what it means to be enlightened and walk in our radiance.
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Notre-Dame, Our Lady Burns

photo credit: ABC News

Notre-Dame de Paris is the heart chakra of an energy system in Mother Earth that begins at Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland and ends at the Santiago de Compostela Cathedral in Spain. What does it mean for the Church and me, personally, that this Cathedral representing the heart chakra burned?

left: Rosslyn Chapel, Scotland; right: Santiago de Compostela, Spain

As I watched the roof and spire burn, I was grateful that the towers, walls and stained glass were intact.

I thought:

  • This fire is no coincidence; nor is its timing an accident.
  • Perhaps the fire burned away old energies that no longer serve and made room for new energies we need for the new millennium.

The Church has done both great and horrific things during its history. As this magnificent Cathedral was being built, Pope Innocent III in 1209 declared that Good Christians, known as Cathars, living in the Languedoc region of modern-day southern France, were heretics. He began the Albigensian Crusade to burn them at the stake if they did not convert to Catholicism. Over 25 years he and 2 subsequent Popes killed one million innocent people because these Christians held their own beliefs, did not tithe to the church and thought the Pope was corrupt. They met in their homes rather than in churches, practiced meditation and served their communities. Both women and men were leaders.

This is one example of Church history that can be burned to let in fresh air and light.

An aerial shot of the fire damage to Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris on Tuesday April 16. ( via AP)

As life is also a mirror, I ask myself what dross rests in my heart that I may burn to embrace more peace, compassion and joy?

On this weekend as Jews celebrate Passover and Christians celebrate Christ’s resurrection, may we all burn off the old and welcome new energies so we may live peacefully together in this new millennium.

Circle of Meditation and Healing 2019 Series: Toward Enlightenment

The full-moon Circle of Meditation and Healing at the Washington National Cathedral is led by Susan Beilby Magee. It is a continuing series to connect with our wisdom within. It is held in the Bethlehem Chapel.
All spiritual seekers are welcome. No experience is necessary.
Tickets are $13 in advance or $17  at the door.
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Tuesday, April 23, 2019, 7:00pm  Replace Judgment with Compassion
How do we free ourselves of judgment and vengeful instincts so we may experience more love and compassion? Mystic/healer SUSAN BEILBY MAGEE guides a full-moon meditation to explore what it means to be enlightened and walk in our radiance. 
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Thursday, May 16, 7:00pm  Replace Intolerance with Wisdom
How do we remove intolerance so we may enjoy the fruits of wisdom and understanding? Mystic/healer SUSAN BEILBY MAGEE guides a full-moon meditation to explore what it means to be enlightened and walk in our radiance.  
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Thursday, September 12, 7:00pm  Replace Arrogance with Humility
How do we replace duplicity and arrogance with honor and humility? Mystic/healer SUSAN BEILBY MAGEE guides a full-moon meditation to explore what it means to be enlightened and  walk in our radiance.
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Thursday, October 14, 7:00pm Release Fears / Embrace Courage 
How do we release fears and replace them with strength and courage? Mystic/healer SUSAN BEILBY MAGEE leads a full-moon meditation to explore what it means to be enlightened and walk in our radiance.
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Tuesday, November 12, 7:00pm Surrender Ego / Embrace Light 
What does it mean to be enlightened?  How do we surrender our ego and let our heart and soul guide our lives?  Mystic/healer SUSAN BEILBY MAGEE guides a full-moon meditation to experience who we truly are. 
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The Beatles Got It Right

Bill Hermanson

As I sit by the fireplace in my sister and brother-in-law’s living room in Southern California, I am drawn to the warmth and light of the fire. My beloved brother-in-law, Bill, has had a stroke. After over a month in the hospital, he is now home. Will he recapture enough vitality of body and mind to want to continue to live? What is life? What gives it meaning?

Over the years I would answer: life is about growing, learning, pursuing our dreams; creating family, community, good works; communing with nature, mother earth and the cosmos; and appreciating the cycle of nature and life.

Indeed, life is about all of this. But at my current age it is simply and profoundly about love. I love Bill. I have known him since I was 11. He and my sister, Elena, have been married over 52 years. Bill is a fine man who loves his wife, son Eric and daughter Laura with all his heart. Being present and providing for them have always been his priorities.

What is important now?

Being present with a loving heart; supporting him on this leg of his journey; and respecting his dignity and choices. I now pray and believe that his strong spirit will lead to the recovery of his mobility, strength and vitality so that living has meaning, and we may continue to share our family’s rich history together.

What’s important? LOVE.

Blessings Bill from John, Elizabeth, Natalia and me. Blessings to Elena, Eric and Laura.

Eric, Laura, Elena and Bill


John, Susan and Bill


Bill and John


Family at Thanksgiving



Circle of Meditation and Healing: Coming Home Within Ourselves

Wednesday, November 7, 2018: 7pm
Join Susan Beilby Magee at the Washington National Cathedral’s Circle of Meditation and Healing to explore what it means to be “at home” within ourselves. What is at the center of our being? How do we find it? What are the rewards of “being home”?

All spiritual seekers are welcome. No experience necessary. $13 in advance; $17 at door.

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Circle of Meditation and Healing: Coming Home to Family

In the 2018 Full Moon Circle of Meditation and Healing series at the Washington National Cathedral, Susan Beilby Magee guides us to explore what it means to “come home and be present” within ourselves, our families, the cosmos and Mother Earth.

Tuesday, September 25, 7pm
“Coming Home to Family”

Join mystic/healer Susan Beilby Magee as she leads a meditation to explore relationships within family:  How do I define family? What ancestral legacies challenge me? How do I heal, embrace and nurture my family? What vision for my family do I wish to manifest?

All spiritual seekers are welcome. No experience is necessary.

The Circle of Meditation and Healing is a continuing series to connect with our wisdom within. It is held in St. Joseph’s Chapel. To purchase tickets, please click here.

The next Circle date is 10/24: “COMING HOME WITHIN OURSELVES”

Circle of Meditation and Healing 2018: Coming Home Within the Cosmos

In the 2018 Full Moon Circle of Healing and Meditation series at the Washington National Cathedral in Washington D.C., Susan Beilby Magee will lead an exploration of what it means to “come home and be present” within ourselves, our families, the cosmos and Mother Earth.

Next Circle
TUESDAY, MAY 29, 7-9pm
“Coming Home within the Cosmos”

“The entire universe is inside of you.” – Sufi poet Rumi

Join mystic/healer Susan Beilby Magee as she leads a visualization to explore the universe within, what it means and what it enables us to do.
All spiritual seekers are welcome. No experience is necessary.


The Circle of Healing and Meditation is a continuing series to connect with our wisdom within.
It is held in St. Joseph’s Chapel.
$13 in advance; $15 at the door

The next circles are:
Tuesday, September 25: Coming Home Within Our Families
Wednesday, October 24: Coming Home Within Ourselves

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Memories Swirl; Gratitude Flows…

Photo courtesy Glendale College via Twitter

My high-school sweetheart, Chuck Arrobio, died this month. (Link to his obituary is below.) We spent 4 years of our young lives together in high school and early college. Chuck was a fine young man, a leader and a gifted athlete who would become an All-American football player for USC and then pro-player for the Minnesota Vikings. Our relationship was sweet, innocent and balanced. It provided a wonderful anchor for us both.

His passing has triggered a flood of memories. At Glendale High School I remember his meeting me after a class at my locker to carry my books to my next class. I watched him play football every Friday night in the fall. I smiled when he purchased and restored a blue 1932 Ford Model T. We attended proms together, including our senior prom when I had a cast on my arm after breaking my wrist falling off a skim board at Laguna Beach. We also shared a beautiful evening with friends at our senior party in Beverly Hills where the Lettermen sang.

Chuck took me to my first Shakespeare play in Hollywood; the Greek Theatre to hear Johnny Mathis sing; and the Hollywood Bowl to listen to the USC song fest. In college I watched him play football in the Coliseum, attended his Sigma Chi parties and had my first glass of champagne at a fancy USC party.

Chuck and Susan at Senior Prom, 1962

We were also together one evening that changed my life. As we arrived home from a date one Saturday night, we were told that my father had killed himself. I will be forever grateful for his kindness and help that evening and during the ensuing days.

Chuck was proud of his Italian heritage; family was always paramount to him. I fondly recall extended family gatherings in the local park where the men played bocce ball as the women chatted and the children played.

Susan with Ann Arrobio

This past weekend I had a wonderful visit with his lovely wife, Margit, at their home in Pasadena. I met his younger daughter, Pia, who looks like her father, Pia’s fiancé and 2 of his grandchildren. I also had the privilege of visiting his mother, Ann, whom I had not seen for 52 years.   An extraordinary woman, she lives in the same house where Chuck and his sister Carol grew up. I told Margit and Ann that I was deeply grateful for the relationship I had with Chuck.

We went our separate ways later in college. But what a rich and meaningful time we shared.

Chuck’s death reminds me how important it is to connect with people we have loved in the past. I am grateful that I called him last summer to get together to thank him for the gifts of our relationship. I suspect at first he wondered what I was doing, but he quickly relaxed, and we talked about our history together and our current lives and families.

With his passing it is important to remember the times we shared; look at old photos; visit his family and talk with my high school friends who also knew him well. We all grew up together, and one more of us has passed.

THANK YOU, Chuck, for the times we shared. Blessings to your family and your spirit as it begins a new journey.

Read Chuck Arrobio’s obituary.

Senior party (Chuck and Susan seated at center), 1962


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