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Blizzard Whispers

A blizzard will be embracing those who live on the East Coast shortly. A dear friend emailed “Blizzard Whispers” below that explains what we may do to protect our trees, plants, animals and people from being hurt. Today and each day of the storm we simply ask that the spirits of the blizzard, trees, plants, animals, bees and humans connect with each other so no harm comes to anyone or anything. Even if we are not in the middle of the storm’s path, we may send intentions from any location in the country to protect our ecosystems, animals and people.

During Hurricane Sandy, I spoke to the spirit dragon of that storm and said ever so respectfully: “I do not want to interfere with your purpose; nor do I understand what it is; but I have a home and garden in Cape May that I love with all my heart, and I ask that you not damage it in any way.”  My home was not damaged, and I learned once again about the power and magic of our intentions when working cooperatively with the world of spirit and nature.
For those who are interested, I got the idea that we may affect weather systems from reading The Occult Diaries of R. Ogilvie Crombie, the story of a Scotsman who quietly became a bridge of understanding between the world of people and nature spirits.
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