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Covid-19, I Hear Your Call.

Knowing that there are no coincidences in life, I have been wondering what changes the coronavirus will bring to us and our planet. I believe it invites a huge awakening of consciousness. Recently I sat to meditate and received the following poem.

Covid-19, I hear your call.
Be still.

Covid-19, I hear your call.
Connect to self.
Connect to others.
Connect to all.

Covid-19, I hear your call.
Be at peace.
Listen carefully.

Covid-19, I hear your call.
Sit outside.
Hear the birds.
Feel the wind.
Receive the sunlight.
SMILE. Be grateful.
All is well.
All is well.

Covid-19, I hear your call.
See the beauty.
Love yourself.
Know, you are light.
You are the “I Am.”
All is well.

Covid-19, I hear your call.
Don’t despair.
Release fears that arise.
Be at peace.

Covid-19, I hear your call.
Be grateful.
You are alive.
Your light is certain.
It pervades all.
It is who you are.

Welcome to the human race.
You are not alone.
You are connected to All That Is.
You are connected to every living creature—
humans, animals, birds, fish.

Feel the connection.
Feel the love.
Share it consciously.
This is how you serve.

Covid-19, I hear your call.
I am like the wind, the rain and the sunlight.
I clear fears.
I clear misunderstandings.
I shine light in the dark places.
I wash your wounds with gentle rain.
I blow away energies that no longer serve.

Covid-19, I hear your call.
You are not victims.
You are powerful beings of light.
Let go your fears.
Shine your light.
Share your light, love and peace with the world.
This is who and what you are.
Be it.
Be still and know you are I AM.

Covid-19, I hear your call.
I am not your enemy.
I am your friend.
Come to make you aware of your fears
so you may release them.
Come to slow you down so
you may remember who you are.
Come to invite you to be still.
Come to invite you to be.

Share your light.
Share your love.
Share your peace.
Send them in waves to your family,
your community,
your nation,
your world.
KNOW you are all ONE.

I come to remind you:
You are connected to
everyone and everything—
people, birds, animals, fish;
trees, land, pebbles and giant boulders;
streams, rivers and oceans,
the air you breath,
the stars in the heavens.

You are ancient.
You are in the right place
at the right moment.

There are no coincidences in this world.
Everything that happens has a purpose in your lives.
I am inviting you to awaken your consciousness, your senses.
I am helping you save life on your planet.
Less air/auto travel and material consumption
result in cleaner air and water around the world.
This is the great opportunity to ascend
with Mother Earth to a higher consciousness,
a higher vibration.

Mother Earth is ascending.
Will you raise your vibration too
by releasing fears and dense energies?
I am purposely triggering human fears
so you may cleanse and clear them.

Treasure each other.
Be kind.
Be grateful.
Heal family wounds.
Heal the nation’s wounds.
Pray for all people
Pray to release all resentments and fears.

Ho’ oponopono to all and to Covid-19

There are no coincidences.
Everything is in our lives for a purpose.


  1. Beautiful Susan! Thank you for blogging and looking forward to your May Zoom circle!!

  2. Thanks, Susan. Inner connections.


  3. Hi Susan,
    Soothing, thought provoking, hopeful. Thank you.

  4. Susan,
    So beautiful & you are amazing! Thank you so much for sharing, as it is calming in this time of so much grief.
    With Love & Prayers for staying healthy & safe!

  5. Susan. It is truly a time of reflection. One learns so much about one’s self during this unprecedented situation. Thank you for sharing your poem. Love and strength for you and your family.

  6. Lovely🐳🦋💚

  7. Susan,

    Thank you for such a lovely and inspiring poem. It was a wonderful way to begin my day.
    May you and your family be safe and stay healthy.


  8. Always a comfort to here from you. Thank you. Keep safe

  9. I especially love
    “Come to make you aware of your fears so you may release them
    Come to slow you down so you may remember who you are
    Come to invite you to be still
    Come to invite you to be”
    Thank you, dear friend.

  10. Thank you

  11. Dear Susan – this is a powerful poem reflecting a deep invitation at this time of pandemic. Thank you for bringing these words into being and for your example of grace and light at a time of uncertainty and fear. With love for the journey, Anne-Louise

  12. I had intentionally delayed reading this poem until shortly before the virtual Circle gathering. However, feeling quite fragile and mournful upon awakening today, Spirit apparently drew me to turn to it this morning — earlier than I had planned. It helped me so much to breathe out and assume a broader and more generous perspective. I truly appreciate your sharing it with us and look forward to more spiritual nourishment tomorrow! Blessings, Ron

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